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Primeshred Vs Instant Knockout Vs PhenQ: Which is the Best For Men?


Think about someone who has told you it’s simple to lose weight? Remember anybody who told you this ever? Because it’s impossible to find someone who thinks burning fat is as easy as eating a cheesecake. Many might have told you; it took them ages to shred body fat. And the other lot of people are trying day and night to cut down the unnecessary fat present inside the body.

You can lose weight, that is not impossible. But the intensity at which you expect to shred fat can be lower than expected. To pace up the weight loss journey, you definitely need to put in an effort and be determined enough to shred fat. You have got a new day, which means you got another chance to change your life.

Do you not want to see what happens when you don’t give up? Weight loss journeys can change the entire course of life. It may seem impossible at the beginning but the charge and determination cannot be missing. Tell yourself one simple thing, you can do it! 

Do fat burners really work? 

It is not today that fat burners are available in the market. It has now been forever that fat burners are there in the market. Yes, fat burners do work. Well, obviously not all pills work, but there are a few that work. And there is a handful that works naturally. The ones that do not work naturally tend to hurt the body in the long run. Keeping the bad ones aside, the ones that work have all the required ingredients that speed up the fat-burning process.

The ones that are fully made of organic constituents do activate the system to shred more fat by increasing the rate of metabolism and decreasing fat absorption. Hence, using fat burners should be about having a healthy lifestyle while achieving the purpose. 

What are the best fat burning pills? 

Best fat burning pills cannot be tracked by many. Many people have stopped looking for the best ones because they think it is a waste of their time and there are no affordable or powerful fat burners available.

You can only categorize a fat burner most beneficial if it has ticked the following points: 

The supplements that checked all the above points can be considered as the best fat burning supplement. 

But to make the list and journey short, here we have listed the 3 leading fat burning pills that not just work naturally but also show rapid results. And to they include

No.#1: PrimeShred 

How can you shred pounds of fats? Fats are easy to gain but very difficult to cut out. People all around the globe have been stressing over how to lose weight. People are looking for remedies that work. But there is nothing except a supplement that can help you shred fats in a shorter time frame. To shred the most stubborn fat, you need a pill that will give you the thrust and therefore the motivation you will require to burn fat. And the thrust here is the PrimeShred pill with an advanced formula that helps you to transform the body. 

PrimeShred is a potent blend of powerful ingredients that can burn stubborn fats to give you a ripped and lean body. The constituents of the capsules work by accelerating the rate of metabolism and boosting the level of energy to facilitate smoother weight loss. Being on a weight loss journey can make you crankier than usual. Many people just cannot keep up with the weight loss journey only because they do not like the way they feel. Weight loss can make things depressing, but here the focus is to elevate your mood and keep you motivated throughout the entire process.

You may initially think it is just way out of your league to shred fat, but with PrimeShred, you will start considering it easy. The aim of PrimeShred is not to make you realize the difficulties of shedding fat but to make things easier so that you don’t feel like weight loss is tough. The challenge won’t be challenging anymore, it will be more like a walk in the park. 

About the PrimeShred Supplement: 



Green Tea Extract 500 mg:-
This extract powers up the fat burning by boosting the metabolism rate and also lifts the production of fat-burning hormones such as norepinephrine that has shown to lower triglyceride (a fat that is stored in the fat cells). 

DMAE 150 mg:-
This component promotes focus, alertness, and mental strength that help you work out in the gym. The increase in the production of acetylcholine (neurotransmitter) helps in advancing muscle contraction and expansion and cognitive performance. 

L Tyrosine 300 mg:-
This component amplifies focus, alertness, and determination by lowering the depletion of neurotransmitters that helps in advancing cognitive activity, which is essential during stressful workout sessions. 

Green coffee 100 mg:-
The up-gradation of metabolism and thermogenesis helps fats burn faster. The boost in the production of neurotransmitters lowers fatigue and stress. And helps you to feel more charged throughout the day. 

L Theanine 250 mg:-
The expansion of metabolic rate helps reduce fat and carbohydrate absorption. This component also increases the production of happy hormones that betters attention, focus, and regulates mood. 

Vitamin B Complex:-
Vitamin B is essential for boosting metabolism, which thereby reduces tiredness and fatigue. PrimeShred contains this vitamin in a good quantity. 

Rhodiola Rosea Root 250 mg:-
The enzymes have to influence fat burning by activating it and then breaking down the stored fat in the cells. The boost in the energy level betters performance and increases the transportation of oxygen to the muscles that help build bigger muscle mass. 

Bioperine 5 mg:-
This component improves the bioavailability of the ingredients present in the supplement. The absorption is increased by 30% and makes it more active. 

Caffeine Anhydrous 225 mg:-
The escalation of metabolism speeds up fat burning by producing the fat burning hormones in a huge quantity. 

Cayenne Pepper 200 mg:-
This component charges up metabolism and thermogenesis. The increased temperature of the body helps to burn more fat and calories. 

How to use PrimeShred? 

You are required to take three capsules regularly 20 minutes before breakfast, on both workout and non-workout days. 

Other reasons to choose PrimeShred are: 

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No.#2: Instant Knockout 

Don’t you aim for attaining a body like a boxer and MMA fighters? All across the globe, it is considered boxers and MMA fighters tend to have the fittest and sexiest physique. Many of you might have even tried getting a physique but you have failed, right? Building a physique like a builder is a task of another level. To get a body like them, it is important to burn fat and build a body. But do you think it is easy? It has never been easy or it will be easy naturally. It is you, who can make it simple. Getting a body like MMA fighters and boxers is now possible with Instant Knockout. 

Instant Knockout, the latest studies have 10 effective ingredients that have the potentiality to burn all stubborn fat present in the body. Whenever you are crafting a formula not just for the ordinary people but also for MMA fighters and boxers, the deadline has to meet. The supplement is designed by experts that have struggled for years to prepare the perfect composition to burn fat. The natural substances of the supplement are a lot more worth it. 

About the Instant Knockout Supplement:



Green Tea Extract:-
This component is regarded as the powerhouse of the supplement because it is packed with bioactive polyphenols called catechins. This catechin helps in burning fat. The nutrients of the capsules reach every angle of the fat and break down fat in the fat cells. 

Cayenne Pepper:-
This component had a bioactive alkaloid that increases insulin sensitivity thereby improving store carb breakdown. It also initiates thermogenesis which helps in burning more fat rapidly. 

It is a natural fiber of the konjac plant which is a complex carbohydrate source that keeps you fuller for longer hours. Several studies have shown that glucomannan helps one to stay consistent throughout the weight loss journey. 

Caffeine Anhydrous:-
This caffeine gives you energy and power to keep you motivated and active throughout workout sessions. You can easily sail through serious workout sessions as it fights fatigue and tiredness

Vitamin B6:-
This component is regarded as the all-rounder because it offers the necessary nutrients that the body needs. And also heightens metabolism and fat oxidation.

Vitamin B12:-
This vitamin helps transform food into usable energy. It will not just lift the metabolic rate but furthermore helps you to be on diet for a longer course of time. The vitamin breaks down fatty acids and promotes the digestion of carbohydrates

GTF Chromium:-
This component may not be that famous. But honestly, it deserves all popularity. This form of chromium regulates the level of insulin that thereby controls carbohydrates stored in the body. The metabolization of sugar and fat is done by this component. 

This is one of the most well-known ingredients that is known for helping the body to process carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into energy. 

This black pepper extract aids weight loss that boosts metabolism, digestion, and thermogenesis. Not just that it also helps in suppressing the formation of new fat cells

Green coffee bean:-
These beans are simply unroasted coffee beans that slow down the rate of fat absorption from food. It also helps in lowering cholesterol and body mass. 

How to use Instant Knockout? 

The capsules are to be taken four times a day; one in the morning, one before lunch, one in the afternoon, and the last one in the evening before your meal. 

Other reasons to choose Instant Knockout: 

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No.#3: PhenQ

How about a fat burner that has the power of 5 different fat pills blended into one? You must be wondering if there is any such supplement available in the market right now. You will find numerous fat burners that are regarded as powerful. But the fact is, they hardly have any super ingredients. Weight loss is possible only with some superpowers. Gaining fat is easy, but burning that, is just another game. To push that stubborn fat out, you need to offer that right force and take the right action. The force has to be charged enough to throw every inch of fats out. 

The powered force will be offered by none other than PhenQ. Get the power of weight loss pills in one and shed fat from all angles of the body. This supplement is a new diet formula that helps you to lose those final pounds of stubborn fat. This easy to use formula targets all the factors influencing weight loss. 

About the PhenQ Supplement:



a-lacys Reset:-
This is one of the significant most ingredients in PhenQ. This trademarked formula paces up the metabolic rate and sparks up the body’s thermogenesis. The thermogenesis and metabolism quicken the fat burning so that you can burn fat at the earliest. This component fires up the body which thereby leads to higher units of calories pushed out.

Extensive research shows 7.24 percent lost body fat, 3.44 percent lost body weight, and 3.80 percent increased muscle mass with the use of this ingredient. 

Capsimax Powder:-
This component is a blend of capsicum, piperine, caffeine, and niacin. All the ingredients come together to form a formula that helps to slim down by increasing thermogenesis which thereby enables you to burn more body fat. 

Chromium Picolinate:-
This component is a natural mineral available in meat, vegetables, and whole grains. The chromium curbs the urge of sugar and carb cravings. When the sugar intake is reduced, the lesser fat will be stored. No sugar intake makes weight loss much smoother. 

This part is well known for its ability to lose weight, increase alertness, focus, and reduce fatigue. Not just that, it also influences thermogenesis that helps you burn more fat, and improves physical performance. 

This component is full of fiber that helps you to take full charge over hunger cravings. The presence of amino acids boosts energy to initiate weight loss. 

L- Carnitine Fumarate:-
This is a known amino acid that is found in foods like red meat, nuts, and green vegetables. This helps body fat transfer into energy. In the process, you will not only burn fat but you will also be able to combat tiredness or crankiness

How to use PhenQ? 

You should take 2 capsules daily, with water, and follow a healthy diet that is less saturated with trans fats.

Other reasons to choose PhenQ: 

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Comparison table 

Product PrimeShredInstant Knockout PhenQ 
Price $49.95$45.00 $69.95 
Dosage 3 capsules daily 4 capsules daily 2 capsules daily 
Guarantee 100 days money-back guarantee No Guarantee60 days money-back guarantee 
Suitability For Both; men and womenFor both; men and women For both; men and women
Vegan friendlyYesN/AN/A
Where to Buy?Tap to Stop at PrimeShred Official.Tap to Stop at Instant Knockout Official.Tap to Stop at PhenQ Official.


After going through the three significant fat burners, you must be quite confused right now, as to which one to pick. It is quite understandable it is not simple to decide on a fat burner. One fat burner is exceptionally different from another and best in its own arenas and hence has been pitted together. PrimeShred has its special features like the other. But then, not all are extraordinary. But in our opinion the winning formula among the three fat burners is PrimeShred. 

PrimeShred is regarded as the superior most fat burner not just by the experts but also by its trusted consumers. The fame and recommendation of this brand have collected are impeccable. People all around the globe have chosen this product not just once but over and over again. The experts have conducted several types of research on the supplement before tagging it as the best.

You being on the other side of the story, all may seem good to you. But there is a lot that has to be taken into account. The websites and advertisements may seem all fancy, but the reality may be different. With PrimeShred every piece of information provided is 200% true. Thousands have trusted their lives with PrimeShred fat burner, and there is nothing more any brand can ask for. 

And now that you have the internet at your fingertips, you can do your bit of research. It is pretty believable that you will also consider PrimeShred the best. With PrimeShred you will be in the right hands and certainly gain the perfect physique that you have dreamed of ever since. It hasn’t been easy until now, but with PrimeShred the weight loss will be smoother like never before. 

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