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Mind Lab Pro vs Prevagen vs Ginkgo Biloba: How do the ingredients change everything?

Nootropics have gained popularity for its advantages in today’s competitive society. The boost in cognitive skills like memory, focus, intelligence, creativity, and motivation is much like a requirement than an extra boost. Our current social conditions demand it. Products like MindLab Pro and Prevagen are proven most effective among the numerous products in the market. But which is the best among these two? Let’s find out.

Why is Ginkgo Biloba Added in Most Nootropics? Does this Ingredient really help boost brain power?

Ginkgo is a tree usually found in China that grows up to a height of 130 feet. Chinese traditional medicine used its extracts for several centuries. Its effect of improving the transmission of nerve signals, blood flow in the brain, and neuroprotection make it a practical component for nootropic mixture.

Its extract is one of the most popular natural ingredients for nootropic benefits. Studies have shown its benefits in elderly adults and dementia patients, and also those with Alzheimer’s, to slow the cognitive deterioration. Control trials have proven the improvements in information processing speed and working memory with the tree extract.

Apart from Supplements with Ginkgo, what are the Best Memory Support Supplements For Seniors?

Cognitive skills deteriorate with age. The primary reason for this is, aging brings drastic changes in the nerves and brain that slow the nerve transmission. The communications between the nerves get affected, and the ability to process new information and retrieve stored information gets slow and so is their reaction time. These can be solved with effective nootropic stimulation, and even older adults can continue their lives with brimming brain health and power.

All memory supplements are not the same. The components in each product determine the way how it boosts your brain. MindLab Pro and Prevagen are the top nootropic supplements designed specifically for seniors that do not have Ginkgo Biloba in their blend, but yet are powerful. Each product has its benefits based on the components they have and apart from Ginkgo extracts there are many more powerful nootropic ingredients that can boost your brain game.

What is MindLab Pro?

MindLab Pro is a universal nootropic supplement from Opti-Nutra Ltd. It is made with 11 scientifically-backed brain boosters to optimize cognitive functions through 6 bio-pathways. It improves mental performance in all types of people. Its unique brain-powering formula nourishes and protects your brain so that it can function healthily for the long term. It contains high potency ingredients at clinical-range doses that ensure maximum result.

What does MindLab Pro do?


Improves cerebral circulation: The mix’s components promote the blood circulation in the brain that refreshes it with a better supply of energy and nutrients. With improved availability, the brain functions better and can process more signals, keeping you calm and focused even when you multitask.

Enhances brain: It improves brain functioning by boosting the signal transmission rate and brain cell production. The new healthy cells produced work faster than the aged ones and help you overcome the aging difficulties more quickly.

Satisfaction Guarantee: The product comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t get results or are not satisfied with the product in 30 days, you can return the empty bottle and get a full refund.


The MindLab Pro is available in premium plant-based NutriCaps. The capsules are packed as monthly supply bottles containing 30 servings destined for 30 days. Each serving size is 2 NutriCaps. A daily intake of one serving will get you the best results.

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What is Prevagen?

Prevangen is a unique nootropic product with a special ingredient from Quincy Bioscience. This brain-boosting product is designed to promote your memory and brain health. It is primarily aimed at improving memory issues and health challenges related to age. The company put forward the concept of availing of new technologies for cognitive support.

What does Prevagen do?


Healthy Brain Function: The ingredients in the product improve blood system functioning and its positive impact on general health. It promotes the energy supply to the brain system and supports healthy brain functioning.

Improves Memory: The published study indicates involvement of the jellyfish protein in brain development. It aids in enhancing your memory that gets deteriorated with age. The research suggests the use of the supplement for improving deteriorating memory in people with neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Improves thinking abilities: The supplement enables faster information processing and develops a sharper mind. The improved neurotransmission helps to process new information faster and develops your thinking abilities to excellence.


The dietary supplement is available as capsules and chewable tablets. Each monthly package contains 30 servings, one capsule or tablet per serving. A daily nutritional dose of one serving in the morning with or without food is advised for achieving the best results.


Both the products contain their unique formula for generating the results. The ingredients of these two products are unique and do not share any ingredients. The potential of each item can be assessed by evaluating the components’ potential in producing results.

Ingredients in MindLab Pro

  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B9
  • Vitamin B12
  • Citicoline
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Organic Lion’s mushroom
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
  • L-Theanine
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Maritime Pine

NutriGenesis: The patented and advanced nutrient forms of vitamins are used to maximize the components’ potency and improve their absorption rate.

Citicoline: Optimization of electrical impulses through nerves to energize the brain is its primary function. It combines brain energy and phospholipid production that improves the repair and regeneration of brain cells. This improves cognitive abilities and enhances your performance.

Bacopa Monnieri: It is a superior natural antioxidant that protects your brain from free radical’s age-accelerating effects. It also supports neuro-active molecules like acetylcholine, serotonin, and GABA. As a result, your focus, memory, and learning skills improve.

Organic Lion’s mushroom: The hericenone and erinacine components in the mushroom stimulate the nerve growth factor production, a critical component for neural regeneration. Improving brain cell health and membrane functions increases your brain’s storage capacity that supports both learning and memory.

Phosphatidylserine: The fluidity of brain cell membranes and receptors promoted by its actions with neurotransmitters, including acetylcholine and dopamine. The improvement in brain cell energy production through glucose metabolism and brain cell production with NGF results from its interactions.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine: The element is used in its best active form to improve the absorption rate and bioavailability. It helps to control your performance under stress, and fatigue thus enabling you to multitask efficiently.

L-Theanine:  Increasing alpha wave activity in the brain for developing relaxation and improving creativity is the component’s primary use. Its action settles the neurotransmitters to modulate attention circuitry and protect nerve cells from damage.

Rhodiola Rosea:  Stimulation and effect sustaining actions on norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine make it a potential component for the brain-boosting supplement. Age-related cognitive decline is controlled with its neuroprotective and antioxidant properties.

Maritime Pine: Extracts from the tree bark contain antioxidants that neutralize the brain’s toxic free radicals.  Blood vessel relaxation initiated by signaling release of nitric oxide improves the oxygen and glucose availability to the brain.

Ingredients in Prevagen

The product is developed based on the brain-boosting potential of a single component. There are two main ingredients and few minor ingredients. The main ingredients are:

Vitamin D: The active cholecalciferol form used in the product improves immunity, brain, and nervous system health. Its antioxidant potential improves the organs’ health and supports both formation and strengthening of bone. The calcium balancing ability of the element improves neurotransmission and thereby brain functioning.

Apoaequorin: It is a unique jellyfish protein that supports brain functions. These molecules have great calcium affinity. It binds with calcium molecules and regulates calcium levels in the brain and nerves. Its design to improve mental health is based on the fact that age-related cognitive abilities are directly related to calcium availability in the brain. By improving the availability of calcium, the ingredient improves brain activities and slows the ageing process.

Why choose MindLab Pro over Prevagen or other supplements that have Ginkgo Biloba?

MindLab Pro uses premium components proven to be safe, legal, and effective to improve brain functions. The product is validated and third-party tested. The components are 100 percent natural and contain no allergen, gluten, caffeine, artificial preservatives, banned substances, or synthetic additives. The product’s formula utilizes the unique potential of each ingredient to contribute to brain and nerve health.

Prevagen claims its effects are based on a single component. The jellyfish protein is produced in labs using bacteria for mass production and is not naturally obtained from the aquatic animal. In addition, the potency of the ingredient is not scientifically backed by any other research than their self-published article. Also, there are several cases of questioning their claims by different agencies and authorities, including the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the New York Attorney General.

Comparing a single component, Ginkgo Biloba, with a combination of potential elements in MindLab Pro is not acceptable. Though it is natural, its potency cannot be compared with the strong brain-boosting and cognitive enabling capacity of the top-selling nootropic combination. Also, the 30-day money-back guarantee from MindLab Pro is an easy decision-maker as the company offers a full money refund on sending the empty bottle back!

Comparison Table

 MindLab ProPrevagen
SuitabilityEveryone requiring cognitive boostElders requiring brain boost from age-related cognitive problems
AvailabilityCapsulesCapsules, chewable tablets
Daily Dose1 serving1 serving in the morning
Number per serving2 capsules1 capsule/ tablets
Each bottle contains60 capsules30 capsules/ tablets
Price per bottle$69.00$39.95
Money-back guarantee period30 days Money Back GuaranteeNo money-back
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To Summarise

MindLab Pro from Opti-Nutra Ltd is a top-selling nootropic natural combination to improve brain functions, cognitive abilities, and general health. Its high potency ingredients at clinical-rage dosages are scientifically-backed for its brain-boosting advantages.  The advanced and patented nutrient forms are nature-identical, safe, clean, and effective. The premium NutriCaps plant-based capsules enable faster absorption of research-backed brain-boosting components.

Prevagen, on the contrary, is a formula based on a jellyfish protein for improving age-related cognitive deteriorations. The similarity of the chemical structure of the protein with calcium-binding molecules of the brain is the principle of working for this Quincy Bioscience product. Though its availability in capsule and chewable tablet forms is attractive, the lack of evidence proves their claims put the product in doubt

Besides, the Mind Lab Pro’s money-back guarantee allowing customers to send back the empty bottle and full refund for unsatisfactory results for 30 days is a real deal-breaker.

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