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Ageless Male Max Vs. Nugenix Total T Vs. Testogen: Which Is The Safest Libido Booster?

Ageless Male Max Vs. Nugenix Total T Vs. Testogen Comparison Guide

You usually would get mild boners every time you saw hot ladies on your TV and would check out your own slumpy biceps too whenever there was a stud in there, but today…slouching on your couch you see all these hot people on your television and what is amazing to you that you feel two distinct feels…one, there is no boner or any hot feeling inside your chest and two…you stopped caring to check out your own biceps.

What is happening to you?

You get scared and start pacing around thinking hard and you eventually decide that you are going to start working out, start eating healthy and decide to buy one of those testosterone supplements you have heard all about on the TV.

So, the next day you go to your nearest mall and head straight for the health and supplement aisle and get swarmed upon by hundreds of testosterone supplements promising you the world if you pick them up.

You are even more confused than you were ever before and sit right down there in the mall floor and start cradling back and forth with a thumb inside your mouth wondering like crazy what to do next?

Yeah, that happens to a lot of us and when this happens, we are all the same with our cradling and thumb sucking, but worry not for we are here to present you the best and safest working T-Boosters (Testosterone Boosters) by first informing you about the basics of them.

Why isn’t your workout working?

Men above the age of 30 and sometimes even in their mid 20s must have noticed that no matter how tough sweat they break, nothing seems to be making the muscles lump more on their bodies.

No matter how many crunches and push-ups you do and no matter how good your diet is, your abs are not showing, your love handles are not going down and you are not looking leaner and sharper even after months of tough workouts?

What gives?

What happened to your erection?

Males must have also deduced that after reaching a certain age limit you are not just as much full of libido anymore; I mean you used to get the hardest of erections at the smallest thoughts of Carmen Electra or Alison Brie or whomever got your blood flooding in.

But now, you do not even want to think about these things let alone get an erection, are you trying celibacy? No! then what seems to be the case?

Sexologists would answer about it with ‘you have a lot of stress’ or ‘you are depressed’ or just look at you all weird with a pen rolling in their mouth.

So, what got into you suddenly, why are not you motivated for the fairer sex anymore?

What is The Great Loss?

Let us talk about the great loss, it is our own devised word for the situation that arises in men at a certain age when due to some reason or another they do not remain men anymore but become a shell of their previous self.

When the great loss hits you, you do not remain what you used to be, your muscles if there were any, are not as toned and hard like they used to be, your sex drive is slowly waning down and you are gradually becoming less and less sexually active in bed and what is the worst part is that you do not even have any care for that car you dreamt of making by your own hands in your own garage!

Don’t Freak me out man, what is happening?

You are losing your testosterone!!!

Yeah, when a man is entering his 30s, sometimes in mid-20s, studies show that he starts to lose 1% testosterone levels per year, so what that means is that you lose 10% to 20% of your entire testosterone batch when you hit your 40s and 50s!

Remember how you were always turned on almost all of the time seeing all the different chicks at your school and college, remember how you were always excited for another new adventure or a passion project with your friends in your teens?

It was all because of high testosterone levels, and it is not stress and general sadness that has got your testosterones low, it is the low testosterone that are giving you the blues.

So, what should I do? Yoga or something?

When you are hit with the great loss that is, with low testosterone levels, no amount of yoga, workout or healthy living is going to help you out…what you need is a direct solution!

Why do we need Testosterone?

Testosterone is a naturally made hormone inside both male and female human beings but it is primarily a male hormone since its exceeding amount in males help them develop their male qualities, like hoarse voice, chest hair, stronger and bigger bodies, bigger male organ size and the works.

In later years of a man, the testosterone helps him stay active and filled with passion, keeps his metabolism ready to digest anything easily and in general, keeps him healthy as a horse.

Why do we need T-Boosters?

Testosterone boosters are dietary supplements that are infused with ingredients that help to bring up the levels of testosterone naturally inside your body. But watch out, the market is just flooded with all kinds of T-Boosters that promise you heaven on earth, but you have to be more wise in choosing the best testosterone supplement.

Any Side Effects?

Here is the thing with every supplement in the history of humankind, if you are going to buy a supplement of any kind make sure that:

a. It is made of natural ingredients by either checking the packet thoroughly or by going to its website and

b. Do Not Take More Or Less Dosage Than The Recommended Instructions on the bottle.

And the same strong advice goes for any T-Boosting supplement ever too.

If you keep to these two pieces of advice then chances are that you will stay the hell away from any kind of side effects.

What are the best T-Boosters in the market?

Now that we are done with the basics let us move on to the main question you have been desperately looking for the answer to – what is the safest and best working testosterone supplement in the market that will get you the results.

In this article we have three best-selling T-Boosters that are currently the trend of the market they are – 

Let us have a deeper look to determine which among these three is truly the better one…

What is TestoGen?

It is a naturally made t-booster that gives you more strength, vitality and muscle mass. It also helps to increase your sex drive and makes you better in bed.

It has unique natural ingredients like D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc and a total of 11 tested and proven natural ingredients that provide you with passion and vitality like you had never felt before.

You will see positive results as your mood and energy levels will rise within a week, and just within a month you will gain more muscle mass than you would normally.

How It Works? 

You will get a release of new and more energy and that will help you to work out for longer hours, it will also pitch in with enough goodies that will make your protein synthesis inside your body work harder and faster, in turn giving you more lean muscles.

You will get that edge back as you will now look forward to competition at your job, it shall provide you with uplifting energy levels that will elevate your mood and make you want to go to that extra mile to that raise at your job.

And best part, you will have your mojo back, no more excuses of headaches or disinterest to your partner, now you will get in bed and rock her world.

Benefits –

Recommended Dosage –

As it says on their website, you are to take 4 capsules of this product each morning. And pair it with Testo-Drop too for more improved and prominent results.

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What is Nugenix?

Nugenix is another one of the radical t-booster in the market that is selling like pizza these days, it has ingredients in it that are clinically researched and exhaustively put in the right amount…when taken it says on its website that it gives fantastic results when used with resistance training workouts.

How does it work?

It says on the product’s website that when you use this product, it may help you in feeling more full with energy, may increase sex drive, and overall boosts up your free testosterone inside your bloodstream.

Benefits –

Recommended Dosage –

According to the product’s website you have to take three capsules of this each day with water on an empty stomach.

What is Ageless Male?

It is another one of the best-selling t-boosters in the market nowadays, that is all talk of the town. It is a non-prescription formula that uses a patented ingredient called Testofen which is nothing but fenugreek extracts that supposedly help you get better muscle mass, strength, and endurance.

There are also no harsh stimulants inside this product, there isn’t any added caffeine either and also no illegal substances.

How does it work?

According to the product’s page on Amazon, the ingredients of this product enter your bloodstream and then the Testofen binds itself with a special protein inside your body, then the lone testosterone that was glued to this protein is freed and ready to be used in manly works like building muscles.

There is also a key nutrient inside this product that helps in supporting energy producing metabolism.

And not just that the product also helps in increasing arousal and libido.

Benefits –

Recommended Dosage –

You are supposed to take 2 tablets of this product with water and food as said on the page of this product at amazon. Split the dose and take one with breakfast, and the second pill with any other big meal of the day.

Common ingredients in TestoGen, Nugenix Total T and Ageless Male Max

Zinc –

Zinc is a prime aphrodisiac and a t-booster and not just that it also plays a pivotal role in keeping your sperms healthy.

Vitamin B6 –

Vitamin B6 is needed for over 100s of process in you, and of them is making more testosterone.

Common Ingredients in TestoGen and Nugenix

Fenugreek Extract –

Fenugreek is superb in increasing your dormant vitality, strength and stamina plus it helps in making your body secrete more testosterone for the libido department.

Boron –

As shown in studies 10mg of boron in a week helps you make testosterone 28% more than regular.

Common Ingredients in TestoGen and Ageless Male

Vitamin D3 –

Enough D3 inside you makes you a good carrier for sufficient T levels.

Unique Ingredients in TestoGen –

D-Aspartic Acid –

An amino acid regulator, this ingredient makes you secrete more luteinizing hormones which as studies show help increase your T levels by 45% within weeks.

Magnesium –

A study done on magnesium showed that it increased Testosterone levels by 26% and what’s more? Magnesium also helps you in getting a comfy restful sleep.

Nettle Leaf Extract 4:1 –

This ingredient binds itself with the SHBG inside you which in turn makes your testosterones free to wander inside your blood and focus on manly things like growing muscle mass.

Korean Red Ginseng Extract 4:1 –

It elevates your libido, it also protects your testes from any harm that may be done by dioxins plus it gives you stronger erections.

BioPerine –

Extracted from black pepper, it makes all the stuff inside this product to get better absorbed by your system.

Vitamin K1 –

Good for your bone strength, plus makes your body absorb vitamin D easily and faster.

Unique Ingredients in Nugenix –

Vitamin B12 –

Found in meat and dairy products, B12 helps maintain a good amount of blood cells that create a nice place for the testosterone boosting process.

The other ingredients in this product are: L-Citrulline Malate, ElevATP Blend and Eurycoma Longifolia Extract.

Unique Ingredients in Ageless Male –

Ashwagandha –

It helps to reduce stress and anxiety plus it also brings down blood sugar level and may help in increasing T levels.

The remaining ingredients in this product is Niacin, Vitamin B12.

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Comparison Table –

TestoGenNugenix Ageless Male
IngredientsMany issue addressing ingredients that are clearly displayedUnclear display of ingredient detailsLess amount of issue addressing ingredients, unclear display
How it worksProtein synthesis, t-boosting, luteinizing hormones, reduces estrogen May boost testosterone levelsMay boost testosterone levels
Dosage4 capsules each morning3 capsules on an empty stomach daily2 tablets with water and food
Return Policy100 days return policyDoesn’t say on its seller pageDoesn’t say on its amazon page
Price (per bottle)$59.99$69.99Currently N/A
Where to Buy?Tap to Visit Testogen Official Website.

Final Verdict

It is very important for any supplementary products to include every ingredient on its website with a clear display as to why that specific ingredient was included. You would not want something that is hiding what it is containing, would you?

And when we keep that in mind, it is clear who is the winner here, it is TestoGen, not only it has a clear display of all its ingredients but it also has enough stuff inside to counter every issue related to boosting testosterone inside you.

Plus, it offers a 100 Days Money Back Guarantee which only shows the confidence of the manufacturers behind it.

Plus, they also offer you a combo offer of pills and a spray that will help you in gaining more T levels quicker.

The other two, Nugenix and Ageless Male fall short of any such confidence and offers plus they are not clear with what they are offering you inside them.

So, TestoGen is all the way to go.


Of course, a T boosting supplement is not the answer in itself, you have to lead a healthy lifestyle too, so do resistance-based exercises, eat healthy home cooked meals, and of course use TestoGen for quicker results.

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