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Super Greens are the new Black – Tight Comparison between Organixx OrganiGreens Vs Athletic Greens Vs Amazing Grass

Are you in one of those phases where you’ve now reached a level of health concern that you’ve realized that you need to add much more to your diet than your current status? If so, then you’ve also probably realized that the foods we eat these days now significantly lack the nutritional requirements of our body on a daily basis and that is why you’re here- you’re looking for a super greens powder!

What are Green Drinks and why are they important? 

We know that you probably know what super greens drinks are – drinking powders made from freeze-dried healthy ingredients that are packed with nutrients and the good powers of vitamins and minerals. They boost metabolism, contain much lower calories, are a great source of fibre, enhance gut health, facilitate weight loss, reduce cravings and bloating and naturally give you an energy boost- works of wonder, eh? There’s no doubt that they’re important for good health in so many ways, all ways. 

What are the Best Green Superfood Supplements? 

With all these powerful benefits to boast of, how does one choose a single product to consume? That’s where we come in! Based on their mix of ingredients, their weightage and their produced results, we’ve listed out three super liked green supplements on the market! These are the:

What is Organixx OrganiGreens?

OrganiGreens is an advanced super greens formula that uses the double-fermentation and sprouting processes to increase the nutritional availability of its ingredients and promises you a healthy life! Its proprietary blend consists of organic vegetables, fruits, greens, seeds, spices, and the ever-loved mushrooms, formulated for a healthy immune system and strong gut functioning. It also combats aging and reduces risks of illnesses, including cancer, thanks to its highly health-supporting and disease-preventing ingredients!

All you need to do is blend one scoop of this dairy and gluten-free, non-GMO super powder along with your core beverage of choice (say coconut or nut milk or yogurt) until smooth, and enjoy! With its advanced formulation techniques and high-quality USDA-certified ingredients, OrganiGreens also contains the lowest calorie intake of all other products. This makes it an ideal superfood worth its money!

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What is Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily?

Athletic Greens is an efficient, bioavailable, and nutritionally comprehensive formula to help you boost your body functions such as better gut health, enhanced immune functioning, and combat aging. It is made of 75 ingredients that work to give you better results and remove the dietary gaps from your daily life. 

All ingredients in Athletic Greens are vegan friendly, non-GMO and USDA certified and work for you in just a single scoop to be blended into your daily beverage

However, it would be a good time to tell you that the product comes with its own expenses! (Check our comparison table at the end to get a precise note of the price and its limited usage directions.)

What is Amazing Grass Green Superfood?

Amazing Grass is a powerful powder blend of fresh greens, wholesome vegetables, and yum yet tasty fruits that replenish you with the nutrients you need to carry on a healthy day with optimum nutritional consumption. To make it fun for you, the product comes in different flavors, such as chocolate, berry and more, and promises you better digestion, health, and wellness! 

To get the best of Amazing Grass, the non-GMO, vegan-friendly product even recommends various recipes– scoop, stir and smile! One scoop of Amazing Grass for a really cheap price. 

However, we would like you to keep in mind that it’s the ingredients that matter much more, and hence, we’d implore you to look out for its labels and compare it with the others for a better idea! 

Ingredients Common to All three Supplements (OrganiGreens, Athletic Greens and Amazing Grass)

Ingredients common to OrganiGreens and Athletic Greens 

Ingredients Common to Organixx OrganiGreens and Amazing Grass 

Unique Ingredients in OrganiGreens 

You may think why the lists only focus on the ingredients found in Organixx OrganiGreens. We have two related reasons for this. The first, is that if you look at the list of common ingredients, you’d find that the most important of super greens ingredients, that is, the absolute must-haves, are common in the three products for the most part. However, OrganiGreens also boasts of containing such must-haves which one or the other supplement may lack

This brings us to the second reason. OrganiGreens has a combination of just 14 ingredients. While 14 may look a lot, we’d say it’s an optimum number. Many super greens make the mistake of over-packaging ingredients in their green formula, which leads to a situation wherein you are having a little of too many, but not enough. OrganiGreens combats this mistake by including 14 ingredients that go super well with each other, without disrupting the minimum and optimum level of nutritional boosts that a super greens drink should be giving you!

Further, notice how the OrganiGreens mix gives you the compounded benefits of sprouted and fermented foods, thus maximizing the foods’ nutritional value. With these effective ingredient mixes, what you get is a range of digestive enzymes, seventeen to be exact, such as cellulase, amylase, protease complex, xylanase, lactase, and the exceptional probiotic called Bacillus subtilis! 

What benefits to look out for with these ingredients?

While all three products claim to give you the benefits of super green foods in the form of green drinks, there will obviously be differences in their impact based on the differences in their formulations. All three products promise you the benefits of stronger immunity, antioxidant functioning, energy, gut health, and beauty. So where does the difference lie

It lies in the exact formulation of the ingredients. While OrganiGreens proves powerful for the above-mentioned benefits and has actual evidence for improved gut health through increased functioning of 17 important digestive enzymes, Athletic Greens has been more focused on the multiplicity of its ingredients rather than OrganiGreens’ focused proprietary blend. On another note, Amazing Grass reaches these goals comparatively slower and lower but it does come in different flavors!

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How safe are they? Any side effects?

All three products are organic. However, OrganiGreens and Athletic Greens are also USDA certified, which Amazing Grass is not. On top of that, OrganiGreens is a proprietary blend that uses super-effective but hard-to-get ingredients, making the production process specific to quality and not essentially quantity. This ensures that all ingredients are tested for safety and quality and take their own time for processing.

Hence, there are absolutely no side effects to using OrganiGreens. Athletic Greens is also assured of its safety. This is unless you have an allergy to any of the ingredients mentioned on the labels of these products. 

However, as a standard safety warning, it is always better to double-check with your physician for your body’s customized needs. Also, please note that these formulations are for adults only. If you are not an adult, then make sure to consult your doctor before consumption of any product to make sure it is age-appropriate. 

What is an alternative to Athletic Greens that is Bigger and Better?

Why are we talking about Athletic Greens? Simply because they’ve been one of the market favorites for powerful green drinks, boasting of their comprehensive formula. But we’d say, we have a slightly different opinion (and our Comparison Table at the end shall show you why in even better detail).

We think that Organixx OrganiGreens fills in for a powerful, competitive alternative to Athletic Greens. And here’s a quick debrief on why we think so- 

What’s the verdict? 

It may be pretty clear by now for whose side we’re leaning towards, but let’s make it official. We believe that Organixx OrganiGreens is the ideal blend for a healthy, natural and safe dietary regimen. Here’s a 101 on why we believe so- 

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Comparison Between OrganiGreens Vs Athletic Greens Vs Amazing Grass 

ProductOrganiGreensAthletic GreensAmazing Grass
Price $69.95 for 30 servings (1 month)$97 for 30 servings (1 month)$32.99 + Extra Shipping for 30 servings (1 month)
Calories24 calories per serving50 calories per serving30 calories per serving
Guarantee1year money back guarantee60-days money back guaranteeInformation not available
Vegan friendlyYesYesYes
USDA OrganicYesYesNo
Eco-friendly packagingYesYesNo
Where to Buy Organixx OrganiGreens?Click Here to Visit Organixx Official Website to Buy OrganiGreens at Discount Rates.
Comparison of Ingredients
Organic Alfalfa Grass PowderYesYesYes
Organic Wheat Grass PowderYesYesYes
Organic Sprouted ChiaYes🗶🗶
Organic Sprouted Purple Corn Maize FlourYes🗶🗶
Organic Turkey Tail MushroomYes🗶🗶
Organic Reishi MushroomYesYes🗶
Organic Shiitake MushroomYesYes🗶
Organic Spinach YesYes🗶
Organic CarrotYesYesYes
Organic Red Bell PepperYes🗶🗶
Fermented Organic LemonYes🗶🗶
Fermented Organic KaleYes🗶Yes
Fermented GingerYes🗶🗶
Fermented Wild Leaf LettuceYes🗶🗶

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