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Benefits of Circuit Training

When creating the SHRED method, Creative Director Emily Fayette had one thing in mind - to create an effective and efficient workout that has the opportunity to include different movements every class to keep the energy in the studio fun and fresh.

Emily confidently landed on a circuit based workout which allows the SHRED community to burnout their whole body in just 45 minutes by alternating between high intensity full body circuit work on the floor to lateral cardio training on the Skiers Edge machine.

Three major benefits of the SHRED workout:

1. Time Efficient

In just 45 minutes you will burn your whole body by getting a combination of cardio, strength and toning in at a high intensity level.

2. Full Body Workout

Each circuit will work multiple muscles, so by the end of the 45 minute workout you will have worked every muscle in your body. The circuits go by quick, and everyone is working through them at a pace that is challenging for their own body.

3. Fun and Fresh

While the SHRED format stays the same, the ingredients/movements within the workout change every day. This allows clients to experience new limits every time they walk into the studio.

These are just a few reasons why YOU should join us for classes at SHRED. You can book your next class here. We look forward to working together to SHRED it up and challenge limits!



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