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Why you need to SHRED all year long!

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

While we created SHRED to be a ski inspired workout, we know this class will enhance everyone’s physical ability!

How will SHRED increase your physical ability?

We add lateral movement into your exercise routine.

Our Creative Director, Emily Fayette, believes that adding lateral side-to-side movement to your training is extremely crucial for everyone. Most physical activities, including running, walking, and cycling, don’t require your body to move side-to-side and keep your eyes on the finish line (forward). While these activities are wonderful ways to stay in shape, they add stress on more dominant muscles like your hamstrings, quads and calves. Emily believes by adding lateral movement, you will strengthen your smaller stabilizer muscles, which will enhance your stability, coordination, balance and proprioception throughout your whole body, while also preventing injuries.

Although our founder, Caroline Levere, is a big skier, she has noticed a change in her tennis game from doing the SHRED workout. She hit the courts for the first time all year, and immediately could tell how the lateral strength and agility work she had trained at SHRED improved her tennis. She could get to all the cross-court balls with ease and confidence, and recovered more quickly than before after acing her shot.

At SHRED, we aim to strengthen your muscles by moving in all directions to protect your joints for everyday movement. So whether you are training for the slopes, your next tennis match, the golf course, a marathon, or simply walking to and from, we are ready to take your workouts and strength to the next level!

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