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Qualia Ensures You Everlasting Quality Cognition

Qualia shelters a stretch of several natural nootropic supplements such as Qualia Mind, Qualia Focus, and Qualia Life, to name a few of the Qualia Products by NeuroHacker Collective. The brand takes the initiative of promising quality cognitive functions that transcends through time and generations. The brand also adopted the mission of manufacturing products that employ a diverse methodology and follow a developmental design based on several complex structures of science and nature.

Let’s study these three nootropic supplements to analyze the unique and remarkable outcomes all of them bring to the table.

Qualia Mind: The Ultimate Rock-Solid Support To Your Coast-To-Coast Cognition!!! 

The supplement is one of the bestsellers of the Qualia brand since it is sort of across the board for being inclusive of various diverse benefits that we generally assemble from all the products that the brand shelters. The nootropic helps in enhancing the functions of our brain by helping us to absorb things to their minor details, increasing our respective attentional skills, ensuring the state of our alertness does not fade easily, increasing the span of our awareness, and also enhancing the quality of our skills to make decisions.

Owing to the effectiveness and quality assurance the product achieved great extents of popularity in the market and is one of the all-in-one nootropic supplements for people belonging to different parts of the world. The supplement is mainly purchased and consumed by professionals such as, athletes, sportsmen, fitness leaders, performers, scientists, physicians who require a reeling brain all the time since they need memory and cognition to be highly optimized in nature.

This supplement amalgamates a well-researched formula that comprises the fruitful blend of 28 natural and GMO-free ingredients that includes vitamins, amino acids, fibers, and various herbs anciently known for their unique cognitive enhancing benefits. The reaction time of Qualia Mind is also very fast-acting since it promises to deliver the benefits it entails and a sense of calmness in nearly about 40 minutes after you consume the capsules. The scientifically tested formula on which the supplement has been repeatedly tested to be premium, highly purified, and most importantly safe for one and all. The supplement is delivered to your doorstep with free worldwide shipping and also backs a money-back guarantee of 100 days long.

How does this product function in delivering all the benefits it promises??? 

This particular natural nootropic supplement delivers various immediate neurochemical and physiological benefits. Qualia goes several steps to address various cognitive benefits that should be long-term in nature. These benefits revolve around optimizing our memory stores and overall brain health that tends to get depleted with excessive brain stress. The supplement acts with fast-acting qualities by supporting and promoting the functions of various significant neurons that harbor several quality functions of our brain.

It also contributes to enhancing synapse development and promoting neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. The supplement also helps in elevating our mental energy and providing a considerable amount of metabolic support that helps in synthesizing the functions of our brain. It has been noted from years and years of detailed studying and researching that the quality cognition that Qualia Mind promises is an outcome of years and years of research and development that has been done by top-notch scientists involving studying complex models, organic chemistry, neuroscience, and studying degrees like MDs and PhDs in the concerned subjects. The supplement functions by enhancing BDNF which in other words may be called a Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor.

It also supports the functions of Neurons and Synapse. Qualia Mind achieves all that it promises by promoting the various functions of Prefrontal Cortex Activity. It then proceeds to support the signaling processes by various Neurotransmitters. Qualia Mind also performs wonders by providing resilience to stress; as stress comes in the way of various significant brain functions that we all ought to perform with precision on a day to day basis.

What are the various benefits of Qualia Mind??


The recommended dosage for Qualia Mind is 7 capsules per day. You are advised to not exceed the dosage recommended to you for witnessing the effectiveness and staying under the safety levels of the supplement.

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Qualia Focus: Witness Unwavering Focus That Never Fails You 

The supplement has mainly been designed for students, working professionals, and even sportspersons who involve themselves in activities mainly oriented to the brain such as playing puzzle games and chess. Other than enhancing our cognitive functions, the supplement also helps in decreasing stress, fatigue and eliminating our natural tendency to procrastinate as it charges us with lots of brain energy which eventually helps us in focusing better and enjoying every task we participate in to its fullest.

One of the primary benefits of Qualia Focus is the process in which it helps in beating brain fog. It also helps people to enhance and amplify their willpower in doing tasks or succeeding generally in life. The supplement also shows a remarkable response in upgrading our mental energy which makes us stay elevated all the time and avoids all sorts of weariness and stress. It is also noteworthy how this supplement causes heightened levels of creativity which help us make the most of our aptitude and perform every task to the depth of our interests.

Qualia Focus ensures that neural and synapse development helps us in establishing and maintaining adequate levels of concentration and focus as this will further ensure we attend to things very carefully. The supplement also makes sure that the nourishment our body receives gets to our brain and also gets utilized for various essential processes that are undertaken by the brain. Besides, Qualia Mind also ensures epitomes of productivity consisting of heightened mental clarity by eliminating the desire to slow down that we all face. Qualia Focus, quite like all the other Qualia products comes with a 100 days Money Guarantee and Free Worldwide shipping.

What is the scientific structure on which Qualia Focus is dependent??? 

Qualia Focus comprises ingredients that consist of several nutrients binding the support system for the choline Pool and even Choline Pathway. The formulation of the product is done in a way that Choline gets converted into a chemical called Phosphocholine by using the formulation of ATP as a donor which donates Phosphate.

Magnesium has also been seen to cause a lot of synapse development and a major factor contributing to a specific significant enzyme reaction. This enzyme is called CTP and utilizes Cytidine Triphosphate (CTP) to convert Phosphocholine into CDP-Choline. All these scientific deductions might seem extremely puzzling to understand but they make enough sense when it comes to underlying the foundations of how Qualia Focus works. The enzymes and proteins get formed and are synthesized in a way that various neural pathways get formed and synapses get developed.

Alike, Qualia Mind, this supplement also manages to provide resilience to stress as it is one of the primary constraints to productivity and success. Alongside Choline Signaling, Qualia Focus has also been seen to cause signaling of a neurotransmitter called Glutamate. The pivotal function of this neurotransmitter is to promote the sensitivity of the neurotransmitter Glutamate along with preventing the excessive flow of the neurotransmitter.

The supplement comprises ingredients like Huperzine A and Bacopa Monnieri that helps in promoting the functions of the enzymes that lay the fundamentals of this supplement. It also helps in regulating, synthesizing, and signaling various neuroprotective systems of our brain. Glutamate and Choline are one of the most significant neurotransmitters of our brain as it serves various functions of the Central Nervous System. Various other neurotransmitter signaling stacks take place to ensure the proper functioning of the supplement and establish the smooth functioning of our cognition.

Enlisting the various benefits of Qualia Focus:


You are advised to take 5 capsules a day of Qualia Focus to witness the results you expect. However, you are also advised against overdosing as it might not give you the results, and excessiveness of it can hamper your overall health and immune system.

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Qualia Life: Intermittent Memory and Willpower

Qualia Life, unlike Qualia Focus and Qualia Mind, has been predominantly designed for people who belong to the age group of 50 years or above. We all realize the burden of stress and inability to perform that comes with dotage and senile years, and the key reason lying behind all the old-age concerns relating to brain function in the absence of cell protein and energy. This comprehensive product has been designed for people suffering from the backlogs of old-age for all the benefits it bestows on its consumers, helps in promoting better cognition and memory that we all require with aging.

The supplement has been tested by various doctors, researchers, and scientists and through the process, it comprises 36 ingredients that are proven to synergistically provide support to our cells in making more energy for our enhanced productivity. Qualia Life has also been showing remarkable response in regulating the production of NAD and ATP which help in supporting various pathways. The increased cell energy helps us achieve sounder sleep, enhances our productivity, causes better workouts, and also upgrades our mental wellbeing.

Qualia Life also comes to you as a supplement that prevents age-related cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s and so on. It also promises you a 100 days money-back guarantee and free worldwide shipping.

How does Qualia Life manage to deliver what it outlines??

The scientific formulation as to how this particular supplement functions all the wonders and how it helps in retaining the brain functions of your youth is elaborately mentioned on the official website of Qualia. The product targets various neurotransmitters and synapses by optimizing the NAD and NADH ratio, which helps in supporting various NAD-linked pathways essential for proper brain communication.

It also allows the expression of various genes as age often perturbs the functions of various adopted genes. Optimized NAD ratios also help in protecting our cells against various health-damaging pathways. The scientific formulation of this particular supplement also helps in regulating the functions of Sirtuins which helps in balancing PARPs and repairing DNA for functional cognition.

Qualia Life also elevates the energy produced for cellular health and maintenance by supporting various agents and nutritional components that structure various cellular pathways, such as breakdown of glucose, beta-oxidation, Krebs cycle, and also transportation of electrons. The supplement also functions to deliver the benefits it promises to enhance our productivity. The supplement also helps in supporting mitochondrial ATP output and mitochondrial health and biogenesis.

Hence, the formula also establishes great extents of mitochondrial network for synthesizing the membrane proteins and various other neurotransmitters that communicate amongst each other. It also helps in controlling the quality of proteins that are involved in brain functions and builds proper defenses of antioxidants.

Qualia Life has also been seen to enhance the strength of our muscles and promote healthy weight and the presence of a standard metabolism. The product also helps in promoting the functions of insulin and the thyroid that often tends to get depleted because of age.

What are the various benefits of Qualia Life??


The recommended dosage for Qualia Life is 8 veggie capsules per day. You are again advised not to exceed the dosage recommended to you for a desirable and healthy outcome, as it has been studied to be effective by various doctors, researchers, and scientists.

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Common Ingredients of Qualia Mind, Qualia Focus, and Qualia Life:

Common ingredients in Qualia Mind and Qualia Focus:

Unique Ingredients of Qualia Mind:

Unique Ingredients of Qualia Focus:

Unique Ingredients of Qualia Life:

What are the underlying differences between all three Qualia products?

The supplements that Qualia sells do not depend on the use of complex regulatory systems based on chemicals for moving the various biomarkers of our brain in a specific direction. The specific holistic approach that Qualia undertakes focuses on the ability of our mind to self-regulate. We studied three different nootropic supplements such as Qualia Mind, Qualia Focus, and Qualia Life, with each being astonishingly rewarding owing to their unique benefits and usefulness in achieving an overall peak of cognition.

A Healthy Comparative Study Between the 3 Qualia Nootropics

 Qualia MindQualia FocusQualia Life
ProductNootropic Natural Supplement
Price (One time Purchase)$159$69$159
DiscountsSubscribe to Save $100.00
Vegan friendlyYes
ShippingFree World-Wide Shipping
  • For all belonging to the age of 18 or above.
  • Students, professionals, chess players, athletes, and more.
For Aging adults belonging to the age of 50 or above.
Guarantee100 days Money-Back Guarantee.
Dosage:7Capsules a day.5 capsules a day.8 capsules a day.
Where to Buy?Tap to Stop At Qualia Mind Official Website.Tap to Stop At Qualia Foucs Official Website.Tap to Stop At Qualia Life Official Website.


All these natural nootropic supplements are extremely advanced and inclusive when it comes to addressing various cognitive deficits that we face from time to time owing to stress and mental pressure. The fast-acting formula on which they are devised has been tested and verified by various sanctioning bodies and it has also been scientifically established how these supplements help in fueling cognition and supporting the longevity of our brain health.

They do not require any requirement of a physician’s prescription or a doctor’s sanction to purchase this particular supplement and they are also prescribed by physicians countering various steroids and medications that carry every potentiality of harming our overall health. All three of them are prescribed as suitable to your requirement and design. However, Qualia in all true dimensions manages to solve all that we worry about.

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