Learn more about what to expect in this 45-minute circuit based full body workout built around the Skier's Edge.

At SHRED, we aim to strengthen your muscles by moving in all directions to protect your joints for everyday movement. By adding lateral movement, you will strengthen your smaller stabilizer muscles, which will enhance your stability, coordination, balance and proprioception throughout your whole body, while also preventing injuries. So whether you are training for the slopes, your next tennis match, the golf course, a marathon, or simply walking to and from, we are ready to take your workouts and strength to the next level!

We can't wait to show you why we're so obsessed with this workout!


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Expect to get your heart rate up and be dripping sweat by the end of this 45-minute circuit class. After going through a warm-up together, the class will split in half, with half the group starting on the Skier's Edge and half the group starting with floor exercises. We'll go through different full body circuits on the floor, switching back-and-forth with the Skier's Edge. After running through a few circuits, we'll come back together as a group for a final core burnout, before our Apres Ski stretch.

The floor work will always be a full body circuit workout, however the ingredients within will always being changing to keep each and every SHRED workout fun and fresh. We focus on building balance and stability by incorporating a combination of cardio, plyometric and compound strength movements. Building your proprioception skills is crucial for the slopes and everyday life. 


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