That’s where our founder, Caroline Levere, spent her winters growing up. She could ski practically before she could walk. Starting at such a young age meant that skiing always seemed natural to her and she never thought fitness could play a vital role in her skiing abilities. She got her first glimpse of dry land ski conditioning with her ski team in high school, but didn’t know then how this could drastically improve her skiing.

Fast forward 6 years, and Caroline found herself preparing to go on her first heli-ski trip. She had heard stories of long, grueling (but amazing) days on the slopes. She worked hard in the gym to prepare her legs for the stress they would endure from 7 hours of deep-powder skiing, 5 days in a row. Before and after her skiing, Caroline practiced yoga to help her muscles prepare for the day ahead or recover from a long day. This was the first training that made Caroline realize how fitness could affect her skiing.

Back in Sun Valley the following winter, Caroline’s mother commented how her skiing had improved so much from the last year and that she had become so much faster. Caroline replied that it was partially because she no longer had to stop every 5 turns to rest her legs because they were tired! This conversation planted the seeds in her mind for a workout like SHRED. 

After continuing to be an avid fitness consumer and graduating from Columbia Business School, Caroline realized that there was nothing in the market like SHRED. She is so excited to be able to combine her passion for skiing and fitness with the skills she learned at Columbia Business School, to bring the best new workout to New York!

CONTACT | 1481 Weaver St, Scarsdale, NY 10583 |  914.356.3350

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