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Prime Male vs Nugenix vs Testo Prime: A Comparison between Organic T Boosting Compositions

Are you facing major roadblocks in your sexual life? You can surely revive your sexual vigour and overall wellbeing with extraordinary testosterone boosters like Prime Male, Nugenix and TestoPrime. Ageing and stress induces your testosterone levels to diminish and you start feeling lethargic, sexually inactive, depressed, flabby and experience muscle loss and several other health issues.

Obviously, you can enjoy healthy levels of testosterone and experience renewed virility and become the once-energetic, sexually active guy you used to be in your early twenties.

Let’s find out which male enhancement supplement will suit the most and give you unbelievable results.

Which Organic Testosterone Booster is the Best according to Clinical Research and Science?

There are different male enhancement supplements available that claim to boost testosterone levels but tend to cause negative impact on your health. So, it is better to treat your low levels of testosterone with purely organic supplements containing natural ingredients that improve your male potency without causing any side effects and give you a host of other healthful benefits.

These organically created male virility supplements enhance sexual functions and libido and contribute a lot in improving overall male sexual health in a positive way. Here are the most effective testosterone boosting supplements that aim to elevate testosterone hormones in your bodies in a safe manner and stop your body from converting testosterone into oestrogen: –

Let’s have a look into each and rank it down by popularity and effectiveness.

#1 Testo Prime

What is TestoPrime?

Testo Prime is an organically-designed male dietary supplement to boost natural secretion of testosterone levels in your body. This testosterone booster is a creation by a reputed U.S. based manufacturing company known as Wolfsong Berg Ltd. This all-organic testosterone support helps in jumpstarting the production of fresh and natural testosterone which makes you more energized, youthful and improves your physique and sexual vigour. This testosterone increasing formula contains purely natural ingredients which are 100% safe, vegan friendly and healthy for consumption. Hence, chemical-free testosterone boosting supplement helps in restoring your lost youthful vitality and verve and overall health.

TestoPrime natural formulation aids in reviving your sexual health by turning back the clock on your flagging testosterone levels. This powerful testosterone booster is a scientifically-designed manhood promoting formula that contains 12 clinically-proven virility enhancing ingredients that will transform you into a sexually charged and younger-looking male as you used to be in your early twenties. This safe, natural and perfectly tailored testosterone booster can aid in unlocking your body’s capability of producing new and reactivated testosterone without paying doctor visits and taking those highly-priced Testosterone injections and punishing yourself in the gym. Testo Prime’s formulation is soy-free, grain-free, dairy-free and is clinically tested to improve testosterone levels and increase sex drive without causing any side effects.

This super-effective male potency enhancer will make you experience explosive physical energy, swift recovery time and an overall sexually attractive physique and heightened sexual prowess through better protein synthesis which leads to improved muscle mass, elevated focus and motivation. This plant-based testosterone booster contains clinically proven natural nutrients that increase blood circulation, enhance energy levels, burn overall fat and build endurance and reduce stress levels greatly. The potent combination of essential vitamins, minerals, botanical extracts and other nutrients reverse your masculinity-damaging symptoms and help you to become a fitter, more active and strong, sexually charged male.

Benefits of Testo Prime

What is the Recommended Dosage?

The recommended dosage is 4 capsules of Testo Prime to be taken daily every morning before breakfast.

What are the side-effects of taking Testo Prime?

No, there are absolutely no worries about experiencing side effects as TestoPrime uses only natural and globally-obtained premium ingredients which are totally safe. This testosterone-elevating formula is completely free of nuts, soy, dairy, gluten, grain and artificial fillers, additives and dyes.

So therefore, this supplement is beyond doubt completely safe and clean as its formulation contains clinically-tested and studied natural ingredients which are science-based and so there is no fear of getting any side effects.

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#2 Prime Male

What is Prime Male?

Prime Male is a testosterone booster designed by the popular supplement manufacturing company known as Roar Ambition Ltd. This testosterone-increasing supplement is primarily created for men above the age of 40 years whose waning testosterone levels make them overweight, depressed, fatigued, as well as they start facing health issues like brittle bones, severe muscle loss and cardiovascular and blood sugar troubles.

Extremely low sexual drive, constant exhaustion and low energy levels are some of the issues faced by men from mid-30 onwards and all these symptoms are caused due to decreasing levels of testosterone in your body. This dietary supplement helps to maintain testosterone levels in matured men so that you can enjoy your life just like your college days.

Prime Male, natural testosterone booster is composed of natural ingredients and vital male potency increasing nutrients that are extremely beneficial for men who are constantly struggling with a considerable lack of motivation and energy, low sexual drive and have gained a lot of weight. This organic testosterone boosting formula is loaded with 12 clinically proven, natural libido-increasing ingredients that are approved by several clinical studies and scientific research. The formulation of Prime Male is free of unwanted ingredients or synthetic additives that might result in harmful side effects. Hence, this natural testosterone booster makes you driven, fitter, energized and dynamic and also sexually active through the carefully hand-picked natural testosterone-elevating compounds that are supported by science.

This fabulous natural solution works powerfully to raise testosterone levels and boost your sexual drive and check oestrogen levels in your body. This scientifically approved testosterone enhancer addresses three primary obstacles to healthy testosterone production which are luteininzing hormone, sex hormone binding globulin and the female hormones estrogen and prolactin.

This potent testosterone enhancer is engineered to control excessive levels of estrogen and prolactin and in turn hike the levels of testosterone in your body safely, naturally and swiftly and will turn you into a sexually super-charged male with restored libido and renewed sexual health.

Benefits of Prime Male

What is the recommended dosage?

The daily suggested dosage is 1 capsule of Prime Male to be taken 4 times a day along with a meal. You can take the capsules in the following manner:

1st capsule at around 8 AM, 2nd capsule a t 11 AM, 3rd capsule at 2 PM, 3rd capsule at 5PM and 4th capsule at 8 PM.

What are the side effects of taking Prime Male?

Prime Male is an organic testosterone booster which contains only natural ingredients which are completely pure and are of high quality. This supplement contains no synthetic or artificial additives or fillers and so therefore it is absolutely safe to consume. Hence, there is nothing to be afraid of as this formula will not cause any negative health effects.

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#3 Nugenix Total T

What is Nugenix Total T?

Nugenix Total T is a popular testosterone-enhancing dietary supplement that is formulated to aid in optimizing male performance potential. This male enhancement formula promises you an increased male potency, elevates the levels of testosterone in your bloodstream and helps you to enjoy an upsurge of energy. This testosterone booster is composed of all safe and natural ingredients to increase your ebbing testosterone levels and intensify your libido as well.

This potent and specially formulated testosterone enhancer safely boosts your body’s free and total testosterone levels for enhanced vitality and overall health.

Nugenix Total T is made of scientifically approved natural ingredients and delivers more power to male sexual health and complete wellbeing. This natural testosterone booster is a complete male virility formula that is loaded with prime nutrients that magnify muscle mass, increase the levels of free and total testosterone quantity, revitalizes sex drive and helps you to enjoy amplified muscular strength, energy and endurance levels. This male performance enhancer is a positively safe and effective supplement that contains no harsh chemicals, no stimulants and artificial additives or secret ingredients that might pose to be detrimental for your health.

This complete testosterone boosting nutriment will facilitate you to derive more power from your gym workouts and will also dial up your libido so that you can enjoy a passionate and spicier sex life without facing any harmful effects on your health.

Benefits of Nugenix Total T

What is the recommended dosage?

The recommended dosage to be taken daily is 3 capsules of Nugenix Total T which can be consumed with your meals or without food.

What are the side effects of taking Nugenix Total T?

Being a natural and clinically safe formulation, Nugenix Total T does not cause any side effects. This supplement is totally free of any stimulants and is wholly devoid of any additives or fillers which might harm health. So, there is nothing to worry about facing any negative health damages after taking this formula as it is basically a natural supplement containing plant-based ingredients.

Common Ingredients in all Three Testosterone boosters

Common Ingredients in Testo Prime and Prime Male

Common Ingredients in Prime Male and Nugenix Total T

Common Ingredients in Testo Prime and Nugenix Total T

Unique Ingredients in TestoPrime

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Unique Ingredients in Prime Male

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Unique Ingredients in Nugenix Total T

Why does Testo Prime rank as the best as compared to Prime Male or Nugenix Total T?

It’s been understood that all the three natural and organic testosterone boosters discussed herein are supplements which are devoid of harmful additives and unnecessary toxic fillers and appear to be good for masculine health. But if one has to choose among the three, it would definitely be TestoPrime.

TestoPrime undoubtedly outperforms Prime Male and Nugenix Total T in several ways and therefore holds the first position.

Moreover, Testo Prime is a true powerhouse of superstar testosterone boosting premium ingredients that have huge testosterone-enhancing potency unlike Nugenix Total T and Prime Male. Nugenix Total T is underdosed as it does not contain powerful testosterone-elevating nutrients like Zinc, Ashwagandha and Vitamin D like TestoPrime or Prime Male.

Furthermore, TestoPrime is a cut above the two testosterone supplements in terms of warranty as the manufacturer of Testo Prime offers the best 100% no questions asked, hassle-free, Lifetime Guarantee on the market because this formula promises stellar results.

Unlike Nugenix Total T, Testo Prime does not contain any proprietary blends and it is packed with top-rated, clinically-researched ingredients that provide all-round health boost for men who require a little nutritional support to tackle their flagging testosterone levels in the safest way possible.

Prime Male ranks second to TestoPrime, as it is also an efficacious testosterone booster that focuses exclusively on mature men who belong to the age group of 45 above years for improving their sex drive and libido. Prime Male also contains organic and science-backed ingredients that work fantastically for ageing men with the power of nature.

Finally, the price of Testo Prime which is $59.99 USD makes it the stand-out testosterone booster as it costs lesser than Prime Male and Nugenix Total T but packs a powerful punch.

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A Crisp Comparison between Testo Prime, Prime Male and Nugenix

 Testo PrimePrime MaleNugenix Total T
PurposeTo improve physical and mental energy, increase protein synthesis and boost confidence by elevating testosterone levelsRaises testosterone levels and helps to lose weight, improve better sex drive in matured menBoost testosterone and builds muscular strength, endurance and enhance libido
Suitable forAnyone above the age of 18 who needs a boost to enhance testosterone levelsDesigned for increasing testosterone in matured men above the age of 45 to 50+ yearsFormulated for middle-aged men to increase sex drive, strength and stamina.
No. of ingredients12 ingredients12 ingredients8 ingredients
Dosage4 capsules a day4 capsules a day3 capsules a day
Price in USD1-month supply costs $59.991 month supply costs $69.001 month supply costs $64.99
Organic, additive and filler-free
Guarantee100% Lifetime Money-back Guarantee
Where to Buy?Tap to visit Testo Prime Official Website.Tap to visit Prime Male Official Website.GNC Store


Testosterone levels start decreasing as you cross the age of 30 and to encourage your body to develop healthy levels of testosterone you need some potent testosterone builders that will set off your dwindling testosterone levels in a powerful and vigorous way but without causing any adverse effects on your health. Low T is commonly seen in men above 35 years who experience excess body fat, low muscle mass, poor strength, lack of energy and libido and overall vitality. All these signs point at lower testosterone levels which often create disturbances in your sex life as well as overall wellbeing.

So, to restore your testosterone levels and regain the lost vigour, you need the perfect solution in the form of a nourishing and organic testosterone enhancer like Testo Prime to fix your ebbing testosterone level so that you can once again relive your college life days and enjoy maximum passion potential, improved muscle mass and a leaner, fitter and a more rejuvenated you!

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