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[Reviewed] Fuel Up Your Body & Mind with SuperGreen TONIK

SuperGreen Tonik Review by Shred Fitness

Feeling exhausted, worn-out, and upset with your foggy brain? These signs could be indications of chronic fatigue and also could point out some of your nutritional deficiencies owing to the absence of essential nutrients in your daily diet. Our fast-paced lives, erratic and unhealthy food habits, and stress leave our bodies and minds nutritionally lacking. Given the tiring onslaught of work hours, household chores, and other social duties your entire body including your vital immune system gets weakened over the years. So, take immediate charge of your health by upgrading your diet with the SuperGreen TONIK that will nourish not only your body but will also enhance your mind. 

Without further ado let’s get into the detailed facts of this potent health booster.

What is SuperGreen TONIK?

SuperGreen TONIK is a powerful wellness boost for better immunity, energy, and brain health. This is a premium quality superfood daily supplement that is the world’s first brain and body formula that acts as a potent fuel nutriment for your immune system, your energy levels and also performs the function of a brain tonic. This Supergreen powder-based dietary supplement has been designed to enhance brain functions, boost energy levels, bolster your digestive system and fortify your immune system. This stress-relieving nourishing formula is a perfect health-boosting start to your day. This energy-giving supergreen drink formula adapts to the daily nutritional needs of the body and keeps the body well-nourished and fuelled so that you can fulfil your daily chores easily, effortlessly and full of vigour

SuperGreen TONIK is a powerful all-in-one nourishment formula that helps boost your complete wellbeing. It fills your nutritional gaps and overcomes all the nutrient deficiencies by elevating your nutritive requirements optimally. Packed with a mighty blend of multiple nutrients comprising health-giving superfoods, essential vitamins, minerals and adaptogens, SuperGreen TONIK helps to fight off signs of chronic physical and mental fatigue like brain fog and low energy levels. This enriching brain and body formula aids in improving energy, immunity, overall physical and mental health, cognitive abilities, promotes better sleep, aids to keep excess weight and wards off symptoms of anxiety

This science-based nourishing formula contains clinically-tested and efficacious pure and clean ingredients and the entire formulation is free of synthetic fillers or harmful additives. Moreover, this 100% natural supplement is vegetarian-friendly, dairy-free, soy-free and is a completely transparent formula that supports your overall well being without causing any negative health impact. 

What is the Science behind the working of the SuperGreen TONIK?

The SuperGreen TONIK is a commanding natural health and brain-boosting blend of 38 plant-based and vital ingredients that work phenomenally in making you a healthier, more vibrant and revitalized you. This clinically effective and invigorating formula is the ultimate health booster for your body and mind. The vital nutrients, herbal extracts and amino acids in this formulation work synergistically and in a scientific way to boost your physical and cognitive health as it targets the root cause of health problems which is proper nutrition. 

This nutritious formula works efficiently to battle mental fog, enhances brain functions and at the same time re-invigorates your body and boosts your immunity in a healthy manner. This brain and body tonic provides the right balance of nutrients for you to become mentally agile and physically active. This super green nutriment helps in fulfilling your daily nutritional intake and gives you elevated energy levels and strengthens your immune system by fortifying your immunity with vital nutrients to help you to combat infections efficiently. 

This amazing super green powder supplement amplifies the longevity of your overall health by enhancing cardiovascular functioning and checking cholesterol levels. Further this formula diminishes feelings of anxiety and stress and induces mental relaxation and simultaneously super-boosts your brain so that you can experience heightened productivity and cognitive performance. The botanicals in this formulation also induce restful and better-quality sleep, cut down unnecessary cravings and boost your metabolism. This easy-to-use superfood powder packs a powerful nutritional punch and fights off mid-afternoon slump and any kind of mental exertion or signs of lethargy and mental exertion. 

The different nutrient-dense blends of this superfood formula take care of your complete health and the multiple antioxidant plant extracts in this formulation combat free radicals and prevent inflammation and oxidative damage to the cells of the body

Ingredients used in the Formula

Let’s dive into the full list of active ingredients in this formula:

Greens Blend:

Nootropic Blend:

Immune Blend:

Vitamins and Minerals Blend:


Let’s delve into the benefits of this super-nutritious drink:

Which is better, SuperGreen TONIK or any other Green Powder Brands?

Moreover, most green powder supplements contain proprietary blends and do not reveal their formulations entirely. But SuperGreen TONIK contains a 100% transparent formulation as each and every ingredient has been fully disclosed and also it is totally devoid of artificial fillers, GMOs and synthetic additives. Besides, all the ingredients contained in this potent green powder have been clinically tested and proven to enhance health and so they are safe to consume. SuperGreen TONIK is the first supplement in the world that is packed with brain-bolstering ingredients known as nootropics as well as immunity boosters that give protection to your body from diseases and seasonal illnesses.  

Totally unlike other supplements this formula has been sweetened with stevia and has a unique minty taste which does not give you calories. Furthermore, this formula backed by a unique and risk-free 365-day money-back guarantee and all these distinctive features of SuperGreen TONIK makes it indeed a better and stand-out product compared to other brands. 

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Has any user reported any Side Effects with SuperGreen TONIK?

No, there has been absolutely no reported side effects associated with this green superfood formula as this supplement has been manufactured in U.S. based GMP certified laboratories of FDA-registered facilities using organically-sourced high-grade clean 100% natural ingredients. Further, the formula is totally free of toxic substances or artificial additives and is properly dosage. Hence, there is no scope of getting any side effects. 

Is there a guarantee that SuperGreen TONIK will work on you?

Yes, definitely! SuperGreen TONIK is already backed by a strong 365-day guarantee but apart from that this wellness tonic is a complete health booster that will upgrade your diet superbly and make your mentally and physically robust. Whether you are a parent, a working professional, a sportsman, or an elderly citizen this remarkable nutriment will work wonders for your overall health. If you are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or feel like your daily diet is lacking in essential nutrients, then this organic nutritious recipe is just the right supplement for you as it will fulfill all your daily nutritional requirements optimally and without causing any harm to your body. 

This superfood formula will undoubtedly work efficiently on you, as within a few weeks you will experience lesser energy slumps and brain fog and enjoy greater energy, focus, attention and overall stamina and health

What is the recommended dosage?

The daily recommended dosage is 1 scoop of SuperGreen TONIK to be taken along with a glass of water or mix it with your favourite juice or smoothie. You can consume this healthy drink during breakfast, as a mid-morning meal or anytime of the day

7 Simple Ways to enhance the Benefits of the SuperGreen TONIK

In order to amplify the benefits of SuperGreen TONIK, one must follow these health tips:

  1. Practise mindful eating and make sure you are eating a well-balanced nutritious diet.
  2. Stay active all day and must include at least half an hour of aerobic exercise to stimulate white blood cells back into circulation which will boost the immunity.
  3. Steer clear of junk, processed foods and avoid too much smoking, alcohol intake and over-exposure to toxins.
  4. Amp up your intake of Omega-3s that aids in keeping cells functioning properly and combats inflammation.
  5. Ease stress levels and prevent wasting brain power on negative thoughts that drain energy fruitlessly.
  6. Restrict unpleasant memories to avoid weakening your mental sharpness.
  7. Take a 6-minute power nap after your lunch hour that will help to boost your memory.

On using this Green Supplement, will you get involved in any Legal Issues?

No, you will definitely not get involved in any legal complications as SuperGreen TONIK is a 100% Legal supplement. Packed with purely clean and clinically-researched natural nutrients, this formula does not even require a prescription to purchase as it does not contain any kind of synthetic compounds or chemical substances that might hamper health. 

Hence, this superfood formula is a 100% legal natural nourishment for your mind and body that can be safely taken without the worries of legal issues.

Is SuperGreen TONIK Linked to a Free-Trial Scam?

No, absolutely not! SuperGreen TONIK is a product of a reputed manufacturer that does not resort to cheap measures like scams, fake marketing or false marketing gimmicks. So, there are no such free-trial scams associated with this supplement. 

Thus, SuperGreen TONIK is a completely scam-free green product

Where can I Buy this Best and Authentic Green Superfood?

In order to avert any forgery, fraud and unwanted middleman charges, one is advised to purchase SuperGreen TONIK from its official website.

You can avail the guarantee policy, receive bonus gifts and obviously get the original and authentic supplement only when you are buying it from the official website of SuperGreen TONIK

7 Top Reasons that make SuperGreen TONIK a 5 Star Rated Supplement

  1. 7 in 1 premium quality 100% natural and organic green powder supplement
  2. Enriched with highly-nutritious plant, vegetable extracts and daily vital nutrients
  3. A legal and complete nourishment for your mind and body made in FDA and GMP approved facilities
  4. Third-party tested transparent and safe formula and free of additives or fillers
  5. Vegan-friendly, soy and dairy-free formula to enhance your mental and physical performance 
  6. Uniquely loaded with plant-based nootropics and energy boosters 
  7. Backed by a 365-day Money-Back Guarantee.

Is SuperGreen TONIK Affordable?

Yes, this top-quality green powder supplement is definitely an affordable formula. 

SuperGreen TONIK comes in three variants:

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Customer Reviews

Let’s go through some of the customer reviews:

“SuperGreen TONIK recharges my whole system amazingly and helps a lot to amp up my energy levels.”John Brown, New York, U.S.A

“I was looking for a super-effective green juice powder containing all the vital nutrients and SuperGreen TONIK seems to be cut for busy professionals like me!”Thomas Wilson, Liverpool, U.K.

“I feel more alert, attentive and definitely more mentally relaxed since I’ve started taking SuperGreen TONIK and I am enjoying uninterrupted sound sleep and waking up fresh each day.”Levi Taylor, Melbourne, Australia

“Mental clarity, higher energy levels and sharp memory are some of the benefits that I have derived after taking SuperGreen tonik and it is the perfect health drink for me!”- Amelia Thompson, Wellington, New Zealand.

“I love the delicious taste of SuperGreen TONIK and the way it has efficiently filled up my nutritional deficiencies in an effortless and fuss-free way. I’m loving it as I’m confident that my daily nutritional intake is taken care of by this robust health booster, as now weather changes no longer take a toll on me.”Chloe Martin, Quebec City, Canada.

“SuperGreen TONIK helped me to overcome my chronic fatigue syndrome capably and I can concentrate more on my work without brain fog or mental lethargy.”Felix Chan, Serangoon, Singapore.


Looking for a power-packed green powder supplement for an additional brain-enhancing edge? Then SuperGreen TONIK is the perfect go-to nutriment for you. Being an organic, 100% natural supplement, this formula is a rightly balanced superfood packed with nootropic and immune-boosting botanicals that make it a fabulous dietary supplement. Completely free of unnecessary fillers, chemicals or hidden ingredients, this delectable-tasting green juice powder helps you to gain all the wholesomeness of plant extracts without compromising on the taste. 

So, grab this vegan-friendly and holistically-designed SuperGreen TONIK formula without further dilly-dallying as it can powerfully boost your health and make a better, energized version of you and of course suits your super-busy lifestyle. 

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