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Qualia Mind Vs Mind Lab Pro Vs Alpha Brain: Get Free Flowing Memory

Looking for ways to boost your brain? Then consider taking natural nootropics like Qualia Mind, Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain which will make you mentally agile and upgrade your cognitive power.

Nootropics or cognitive enhancers are brain nourishing supplements that enhance your cognitive capabilities making you more focussed, motivated, attentive and sharp and help in improving cognitive performance in working professionals and business executives and also counteract age-related brain degeneration in ageing individuals. 

So, let’s have a detailed study on the natural nootropics mentioned above and help you out in making your choice accordingly.

Best of the Best: No.#1: Qualia Mind

What is Qualia Mind and its Purpose?

Qualia Mind is an all-natural nootropic created by the well-known reputed Neurohacker to give a major boost to your brain functioning. This brain booster is designed to help you to focus more profoundly, diminish the tendency to procrastinate, and gain more mental energy. This is a revolutionary neuroenhancer that encourages your brain to function at its optimum levels. This is a fast-acting cognitive enhancer that has undergone extensive scientific research as a completely natural brain booster. This nootropic has been designed to help you to meet your deadlines at work with more concentration and brainpower. This top-rated brain booster will drive off all brain fogginess and make you more driven and energized

This breakthrough science-backed nootropic is a 100% vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO dietary supplement containing clinically-approved and well-researched natural ingredients. It is formulated by several thousands of hours of clinical research and development done by top neuroscientists and neurobiologists. The brain-boosting formulation of Qualia Mind is an advanced nootropic formula consisting of vital brain-stimulating nutrients that fuel your cognition and support long-term brain health and function and also takes care of the nervous system. This highly pure and safe cognitive enhancer targets comprehensive mental performance and delivers a quiet yet energized focus all day long.  

The purpose of Qualia Mind is to increase focus, elevate energy levels, enhance creativity, memory, mood and mental clarity. This scientifically efficacious smart pill aims at combating brain fog, magnifying willpower, fuel concentration, increasing cognition, amplifying drive and mental performance and bolsters short-term as well as long-term brain function and health along with enhanced levels of calm productivity

How does Qualia Mind work?

Qualia Mind works in a comprehensive way by supporting the structure and functioning of the natural pathways that plays a pivotal role in mediating cognitive functions. This nootropic aids in regulating the multiple neural pathways and processes and implements the nutrient synergies which leads to healthier and proper cognitive performance. This nootropic is composed of premium and powerful natural ingredients that provide you swift energy boost and makes you calm, serene yet efficiently focused all day. This smart pill contains a huge blend of natural brain-healthy nutrients, essential vitamins, botanical extracts which promote brain health and enhance cognitive power, strength and overall performance. 

This extraordinarily loaded yet natural neuroenhancer works to fortify the connections in the brain and bolster brain functions through instant effects and also steadily activates the development of more neurons, synapses, rebuilds cellular walls and provides neuroprotection. The super-efficacious brain-friendly nutrients in Qualia Mind bring about sudden neurochemical and physiological effects and maintain neuron and synapse activation in the brain. This brain nutriment’s formulation containing nootropic compounds, neuro vitamins, vital amino acids, choline donors and herbal tonics help in optimizing brain functioning and long-term memory by enhancing brain-derived neurotrophic factor and amplified neuron and synaptic function. 

Thus, the safe, vegan-friendly, non-GMO and science-based unique formula of Qualia Mind supports neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. Furthermore, this cognitive enhancer boosts your mental energy levels and buoys up metabolic support so as to maximize memory and supply the much-required sustenance for your brain health.

This high-purity brain-supporting formula also works on the prefrontal cortex activity, escalates neurotransmitter signalling and enhances resilience against stress. This highly pure, authentic and effective formula reinstates and strengthens your cognition and facilitates in complete upliftment of brain functions in a safe and secure manner without causing any negative impact on your health. 


Does Qualia Mind have Caffeine and what is the dosage?

Yes, Qualia Mind does contain caffeine in the form of Coffee berry, and the purpose of this very ingredient in this nootropic is to improve levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is a subtype of protein that is necessary for the healthy growth of neural brain cells.

The daily recommended dosage is 7 capsules to be consumed on an empty stomach with water. If you have digestive issues, then it is advised that you may take the capsules after breakfast and you can take 4 capsules in the morning and three capsules with your evening snack or split the dose as per your convenience, only make sure not to take it before bedtime.

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Second Best Nootropic for all Age Groups: Mind Lab Pro

What is Mind Lab Pro and its Purpose?

Mind Lab Pro is an advanced and highly potent nootropic formula that helps in unlocking the brain’s true potential by activating the brain cells with a huge supply of natural ingredients that work synergistically in strengthening and invigorating your brain functions. This universal nootropic created by OptiNutra is an allergen-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, non-GMO, soy-free dietary brain supplement. This brain power enhancer is completely free of artificial or synthetic additives that might harm your body. This is a safe, legal and highly effective brain booster that fires up your cognition in a different way. This nootropic fulfils brain’s complex requirements with 11 potent nootropics which are natural plant extracts and brain-healthy nutrients. 

The purpose of Mind Lab Pro is to boost all aspects of cognitive power in all kinds of people especially those who are engaged in super-active lifestyles which demand dynamically energetic brainpower. Mind Lab Pro aims at boosting work performance and productivity in working professionals so that they can solve problems quickly, gain more focus and creativity and attain the ability to multi-task under stressful situations.

This smart drug helps competitive individuals in invigorating a serene mindset within them which will encourage them for sharp strategic thinking along with a clear memory. This natural nootropic also makes the ageing citizens stronger mentally who need extra support for consolidating memory, communication skills, improving mood and mental clarity.

Furthermore, this nootropic also fortifies brain chemistry in athletes so as to help them in improving performance, willpower, motivation and intensity. This cognitive enhancer also aims at the students in helping them to retain knowledge, become attentive and amplify their learning capabilities, creativity and develop problem-solving skills. Therefore, this natural and clean nootropic formula assists in nourishing and protecting the brain for long-term cognitive health and functioning

How does Mind Lab Pro work?

Mind Lab Pro enhances the brain chemistry and your mind’s processing speed and overall brain functions. This nootropic aids you to gain peak cognitive health and mental power through its clean, pure and vigorous formulation comprising of high-quality natural nootropics and vital brain-boosting nutrients. The powerful blend of 11 multi-tasking nootropic ingredients in this memory booster optimises 6 brain pathways from different ways. Hence, this clinically-backed and science-based formula generates whole-brain functions in six invigorating ways.

Thus, this nourishing brain-maximising formula magnifies your cognitive capabilities and boosts memory in senior citizens, thereby shielding the brain from diseases, stress, and age-induced degeneration


Does Mind Lab Pro have Caffeine and what is the dosage?

No, Mind Lab Pro is absolutely free of caffeine and its formulation is entirely free of stimulants. Also, the dosage recommended for this nootropic is 2 capsules of Mind Lab Pro to be taken daily after having breakfast. 

So, no matter what your profession or age is, maximizing brain power is no longer limited to class and age, Click Here to Buy your Bottle of Mind Lab Pro from its Official Website.

Third on the Nootropic List: No. #3: Mind Lab Pro

What exactly is Alpha Brain and its Purpose?

Alpha Brain is a comprehensive dietary nootropic produced by Onnit that helps in promoting brain functions like mental processing speed, memory and focus. This completely natural brain enhancer consists of purely natural ingredients and is free of any artificial additives like the other two in the list. This gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, Keto-friendly brain supplement aids you to accomplish enhanced cognitive functioning as it improves concentration, processing speed of the brain and memory without causing any negative effects to health. This all-natural nootropic has been created to empower you to remember and recall facts, places and names on complicated matters very rapidly and accelerates your mental speed in response to any stimuli

Alpha Brain’s purpose is to optimize brain’s power which empowers one to perform to the best of his or her cognitive abilities. This brain booster is an essentially clinically approved nootropic which has undergone various clinical trials that show its efficiency on enhancing verbal recall and processing speed. The main objective of this brain health supplement is to activate the brain’s total capacity so that you can steer clear of brain fogginess and work optimally under any kind of stressful situation. This powerful natural nootropic contains natural brain-friendly nutrients that give off zero side effects and heightens brain activity and functioning to the optimum level

Hence, Alpha Brain is a safe and potent brain boosting formula.

How does Alpha Brain work? 

Alpha Brain’s scientifically proven brain-enhancing formula works fantastically in taking your brain into that maximum level of consciousness wherein you perform your best mentally and become extremely productive. This memory booster creates a huge surge in your memory, mental processing and focus levels by energizing your brain and banishing brain fogginess and mental anxiety. This brain-stimulating formulation contains effective nootropic compounds and essential nutrients that help in producing greater alpha waves and heightens your productivity and creativity

Alpha Brain’s powerful formulation gives you a surge of brain energy thereby enabling you to work at your brain’s truest potential. It nurtures your brain cells for amplified memory and concentration and increases alpha waves and the levels of serotonin and dopamine. The nootropic compounds in it activate the acetylcholine levels which lead to better memory and recollecting power.

This nootropic aid in creating a favourable environment that encourages the brain to go all out and, in the process, stoke up increased mental clarity. The formulation further enhances the discharge of brain chemicals that make the mind relaxed, elevates cellular function of the brain and strengthens alpha brain activity thereby bringing about quick reaction time and intense attention.

Furthermore, the formula of Alpha Brain induces cellular articulation and shields the brain and neural cells from age-associated degeneration


Does Alpha Brain Have Caffeine and its dosage?

Alpha Brain does not contain caffeine as its formulation is absolutely free of caffeine. And, the recommended dosage is 2 capsules to be consumed every day after having a light breakfast

Common Ingredients Found Common in all the 3 Nootropics

Common Ingredients Found in Qualia Mind and Mind Lab Pro

Common Ingredients in Qualia Mind and Alpha Brain

Unique Ingredients in Qualia Mind

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Unique Ingredients which are found in Mind Lab Pro

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Unique Ingredients contained in Alpha Brain

Which One among the three is the Best Nootropic for Enhancing Cognition?

The three nootropics are wholly natural brain boosters which contain preservative-free, allergen-free and vegan-friendly formulation and are safe over-the-counter nootropics that need no prescription for purchase. But in comparison to the huge power-packed composition of Qualia Mind and equally loaded formulation of Mind Lab Pro, Alpha Brain falls short in matters of formulation. Even in matters of brain boost, Alpha Brain falls back as it only targets to improve memory and mental processing speed and not the other important aspects of cognition.

And now if we compare Qualia Mind and Mind Lab Pro:

Nevertheless, Mind Lab Pro is an efficient nootropic which comes second to Qualia Mind, as it is a universal nootropic that is well suited for Professionals, competitors, senior adults above age 55+, athletes and students. Hence, Mind Lab Pro like Qualia Mind is not just restricted to a certain group of active people, as it also keeps in mind the needs of seniors.

A Brief Comparison between Qualia Mind Vs Mind Lab Pro Vs Alpha Brain

 Qualia MindMind Lab ProAlpha Brain
PurposeComplete Nootropic for improved mental performance in every dynamic personUniversal nootropic- boosts all aspects of cognition in dynamic people.To support cognitive functions like memory, mental speed and focus.
Suitable forAll professional and non-working individuals.Professionals, competitors, students, athletes and ageing persons.To enhance memory and mental speed in professionals who want to supersize memory.
Price1-Month supply costs $69.501-Month supply costs $69.001-Month supply costs $79.95
Dosage7 capsules a day2 Nutricaps in a day2 capsules a day
Caffeine-freeYes – –
Vegan & Additive-free – – –
Number of Ingredients28 ingredients11 ingredients12 ingredients
Guarantee100-Day Money-back guarantee30-Day Money-back guaranteeNone
Where to Buy?Tap to Visit Qualia Mind Official Website.Tap to Visit Mind Lab Pro Official Website.


Cognitive performance is a direct result of brain activity and brain structure which Qualia Mind completely takes care of. This premium nootropic is an advanced and a revolutionary brain enhancing supplement that does not only contains all the brain-boosting necessary nutrients that nourishes brain cells and supersizes brain functions, but this neuroenhancer is well accepted and endorsed by a huge number of superstars who have reached peak cognitive performance after taking this brain tonic. 

So, you too can get your creative juices flowing like never before as you become a regular user of this powerhouse brain booster. 

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